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While walnuts have long been ingrained in Turkish culture, when it comes to industrial production, past knowledge finds its place primarily through practical experience. To ensure the application of current knowledge and technological advancements in the field, we collaborate with a leading international consulting team, monitoring research and development efforts undertaken by universities worldwide.

We commence our efforts to cultivate high-quality products that are competitively priced in the market with pre-planting field studies. After meticulously examining factors such as the geographical structure, irrigation infrastructure, soil homogeneity, and tree selection, carefully planned fields yield higher returns in subsequent years due to easier management and increased productivity.



Proper Infrastructure = Ease of Management

After thorough analysis of soil composition, effective water management becomes crucial. Walnut trees not only have high water requirements but also dislike standing water. In our orchard, equipped with drip irrigation systems, all plant irrigation and nutrition efforts are centralized and supervised by agricultural engineers. By supporting our automated irrigation infrastructure with high-tech plant care equipment, we aim for optimal productivity.



Our meticulous approach to plant health management begins, especially during the flowering period, considering climatic conditions. During periods where factors like temperature and humidity contribute to increased risk of disease proliferation, each tree, and consequently, each fruit, undergoes close monitoring, with detailed programs implemented based on observation results.

We've learned over the years that while every problem has a solution, each solution may lead to new challenges. Timely implementation of biological interventions to prevent the formation of problems forms the cornerstone of sustainable agriculture. Since every product used in our orchard aims to prevent future issues, this process yields productivity. It's essential to remember that tree health directly influences fruit quality and yield, underscoring its paramount importance to us every day.

This narrative underscores our commitment to innovative, sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring high-quality products while prioritizing environmental and economic sustainability.

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