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We initiated our commercial activities in 1982 in Istanbul's Karaköy Underground Passage. Over the years, we have forged collaborations and partnerships with numerous leading international brands in the industry, culminating in the establishment of Avrupa Elektronik in 1998. Subsequently, we continued our retail operations in various cities across Turkey.

The journey of Avrupa Tarim began with the excitement of "Let's have our own orchard!" evolving from a hobby into a commercial venture. Starting our journey into the agriculture sector in 2011 and initiating investment plans, we commenced physical work on our walnut orchard in 2013, with the first saplings meeting the soil in early 2015. Over time, we have expanded to a 3,000-acre land, housing 50,000 trees.


Our vision

Exceeding customer and employee expectations;

To be recognized globally as a leading walnut orchard, setting the standard for innovation and excellence in the industry, while fostering international growth and maintaining a global culture. We aim to provide the highest quality service to all our customers domestically and internationally, ensuring they feel secure and satisfied.

Our Mission

Adding value to our stakeholders;

To become the preferred supplier by offering quality, service, innovation, and pricing that meet our customers' preferences. We strive to leave a more sustainable world for future generations through sustainable production methods. Additionally, we are committed to creating a modern and safe working environment for our employees and achieving operational excellence in every aspect of our business, thereby strengthening our brand with every endeavor.

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