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Sustainable Agriculture


Sustainable Agriculture is protecting the rights of present and future generations.

Agriculture is based on soil, water, species in nature and the diversity of species. Industrial agricultural practices based on intensive tillage, increasing use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides impair soil health, pollute water and reduce biodiversity. As today, the lives of future generations also depend on the basic foundation of agriculture, natural assets. We apply sustainable farming methods on an industrial scale for future generations.

Step One


Soil Preparation for Tomorrow

The correct planning of the investment and all the investments made before planting form the basis of sustainable agriculture. Therefore; Before we even plant our trees, we do all our soil analysis, take precautions against disease factors, create water savings by creating an irrigation infrastructure according to the correct soil structure, and take precautions against diseases that can be caused by incorrect irrigation or weather conditions.

Step Two


We Don't Interfere, We Take Precautions

Today, with many innovative products released by agricultural companies, you can find solutions to the problems you encounter in your garden. But every intervention is the birth of another problem. We are trying to manage agriculture at the right time, using the right product, without interfering with the ecological balance.

Cevizlerle oynayan kiz

Step Three


We Increase Organic Matter

Unfortunately, after the wrong practices in our country, the organic matter rate is far below what it should be in the analyzes made. Ecological balance in the soil is a natural defense against negative factors, apart from increasing the productivity of the products used. We make different practices to increase the organic matter in our soils and invest in the future.

Step Four


We Do Waste Management

All products suitable for recycling used in our garden are collected in special areas and sent to recycling companies through agreements made with the company. In addition, the water that comes out as a result of washing the areas where chemical products are used or the washing of machines is separated by special methods and is not mixed with groundwater.

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